Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What's an ice bat, eh?

Lovely frosty day at the beginning of the year's final month. Ever heard of ice bats? Although I have no proof, I suspect Canada has the largest number of ice bats in the world.
Can you see the ice bat?

Okay, what on earth is an ice bat, you ask? Well, according to experts, they are a harmless life form that sleeps all year and only stirs during wintry months (December – February, in northern climes).

Being rather timid, ice bats disguise themselves as icicles and hang upside down from roofs or eaves. If you are not paying close attention you will think they are icicles.

To further blend into the society around them, ice bats show a preference for beer, junk food, ice hockey, and the colour red. Whenever possible, they say "eh" in both official languages.

Ice bats have one major weakness: they love too easily, and not infrequently. It's quite common for ice bats to gaze moonstruck at trees for weeks. Then in the glare of the dawn sun, they sneak away.

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